Fix: This Page Has an Unspecified Potential Security Risk

Another little annoyance i have with Vista, each time i right click on a zipped archive via windows explorer on a network shared drive i get a message informing me ‘This Page Has an Unspecified Potential Security Risk’

You put up with the warning for a while but it soon gets tedious, much like the Vista UAC alerts. While i would never recommend switching off UAC, this we can do without.

In order to shut Vista up for a while you can add the network drive to your trusted Local Intranet Zone. Here’s how:

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Navigate to – Tools > Internet Options
3. Select the security tab
4. Select ‘Local Intranet’
5. Click ‘Sites’
6. Click ‘Advanced’
7. Type the name of the file server (i.e \FileServer)
8. Click ‘Add’
9. Click ‘OK’, ‘OK’ again.


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