How to: Install Synology Download Redirector Firefox Browser Plugin

I’m really quite excited about this, ever since i got my Synology DS-408 NAS box i have been looking for innovative ways to add new functionality too it, in order to make day to day tasks easier. Well now after trawling through the Synology forums i have found a little command line application which will add download tasks to Synology download manager without the need to drag them into the drop zone, or queue it up manually. This coupled with the popular download manager FlashGot and your browser of choice (i tested it with Firefox) means i can now queue up downloads on my NAS box via my browser with a single click – very handy indeed. Here’s how:

1. Download ‘SynoGet‘ (Thanks to Björn for this fantastic command line tool)
2. Download and install the ‘FlashGot‘ firefox plugin
3. From Firefox go to ‘Tools’, ‘Flashgot’, ‘More Options’
4. On the general tab, select ‘Add’ next to the download manager dropdown menu
5. Enter ‘SynoGet’ as the name, click OK
6. Navigate to and select the SynoGet.exe executable file
7. In the ‘Command Line Arguments template’ box type the following, replacing with your details where appropriate

[URL] /ds_ip: /ds_username:myusername /ds_password:password /passwordinplaintext

Thats it, you can now either select SynoGet as your default download method, in which case every download will automatically be redirected to your NAS box, or selectively choose downloads with the SynoGet context menu option.

You also have the option of encrypting (if you can call it that) your password in BASE64 instead of using plaintext, more info on that here.


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