How to: Schedule a program to run on system start-up with admin privileges

The below steps enable administrators to allow applications to run on system startup with admin privileges and bypass the ‘Windows has blocked some startup programs’ message. Please note this does not work for standard accounts.

1. Click ‘Start’
2. Type  ‘taskschd.msc’ in the search box and press enter
3. Click ‘Action’ and ‘Create Task’
4. Name the task
5. Check the box that says ‘run with highest privileges’
6. Click the ‘Triggers’ tab and click ‘New’
7. Click on the dropdown box adjacent “Begin the task”, select ‘At log on’
8. Click the ‘Actions’ tab and select ‘Start a program’
9. Click ‘Browse’ and select the application executable to run
10. Click ‘OK’ to finish


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