Fix: Slow Browsing of Network Drives in Windows Vista/7

I noticed while browsing my network shared folders each click was taking considerable time, each time i clicked on a folder to open it i was getting a noticeable delay of a couple of seconds. I did not experience the delay while accessing the same folders on my Windows XP or Ubuntu box.

The solution i found is as follows:

1. Open the command prompt with admin rights. Click Start > Type ‘cmd’ in the search box > Right Click ‘cmd’ and select ‘Run as administrator’
2. From the cmd prompt type:
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
netsh int tcp set global rss=disabled
3. Each command should return ‘OK’
4. Restart your machine and navigate to your shared network folders

You should find the network folders open much quicker, without any noticeable delay or pause.


3 thoughts on “Fix: Slow Browsing of Network Drives in Windows Vista/7

  1. Much appreciate! We have upgraded Windows 2003 server’s box from 100MBit to 1GBit connection, and all Windows 7 clients (connected with 1GBit already) started experiencing slow access to the network shares problems. Your suggestion solved this problem!


  2. You saved my day, thanks for the tip, had a severe latency when trying to backup to my NAS, and using these 2 commands made the backup running x100 times faster. Big hug!


  3. Worked great. I had this issue with Windows 8. It took a while to bring up network drives. I ran the code listed above, reboot and now the drives come up with no problem. Thanks for the fix.


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