Fix: Synology hibernation issues

The Synology Disk Station (DS408) is a fantastic feature rich NAS box, which works flawlessly out of the box however if you want to get the most out of it some advanced configuration may be required. In my case the DS408 hibernation feature caused much head scratching. My DS408 was set to hibernate after 15 minutes of inactivity. This worked when i first got the unit, but over time, as i have enabled more features and installed some of the additional packages it stopped entering hibernation. Obviously something was preventing it from entering the hibernation state. I just had to figure out what it was.

Trial and error is the best way to tackle this problem, as a number of things could prevent the DS408 from hibernating. I started by disabling the following services.

– Web Station / MySQL
– Download Station
– Mail Station
– Webalizer
– UPnP

After disabling these services, (and restarting the device for good measure) and then waiting for 15 minutes the device successfully entered hibernation. So obviously one of the above services was preventing disk hibernation. Naturally if you’re hosting a website from the NAS unit whenever someone visits the site the device will wake from hibernation, this is expected, but it should not prevent the device from hibernating. On these grounds i turned the webstation service on 1st, and then disconnected the router/modem so i was no longer connected to the web, to prevent any incoming connections. Fifteen minutes went by and the device entered hibernation. On these grounds i concluded the webservice was not the culprit.

In a similar manor i tested each of the other services, obviously if you use the eMule service then you will no doubt be seeding to external clients, which will prevent hibernation, so i disabled this but kept the download service enabled. I made sure the download scheduler was setup accordingly, to ensure the device was not downloading when i expect it to be hibernating. I enabled Webalizer again, as i would only expect this to become active when a connection is made to the device from the www, and as i had already enabled the webservice i didn’t expect Webalizer to make a difference.

Mailstation on the other hand is known to prevent hibernation, so i left this disabled, i’m unsure how feasible it would be to run mailstation and expect the device to hibernate. If it’s checking for new mail it’s never going to be idle, and hence never hibernate. Although this feature is nice to have, hibernation is more important.

Finally i disabled UPnP, solely to prevent the indexing service from constantly polling the device for changes, which i’m almost certain was preventing the device from hibernating.

The below table illustrates the status of each service in a successful hibernating DS-408 unit.

  1. Webalizer – Enabled
  2. Mailstation – Disabled
  3. Filestation 2 – Enabled
  4. Webstation – Enabled
  5. MySQL – Enabled
  6. UPnP – Disabled
  7. iTunes – Disabled
  8. Audiostation – Enabled
  9. Photostation – Enabled
  10. Downloadstation – Enabled
  11. eMule Downloads – Disabled
  12. Surveillance Station – Disabled

One final note, many people have reported problems with certain HDD’s and hibernation. Namely the Samsung Spinpoint F1 drives, i happen to use these disks in my DS-408, and with the above services enabled/disabled, the device will hibernate.


6 thoughts on “Fix: Synology hibernation issues

  1. Windows 7 (maybe XP too), sends TCP frames periodically, wich could wakes up the disk. These frames are generated by the NETBIOS protocol in ports 137, 138 and 139.
    One solution is disable NetBios over TCP in network properties in all LAN computers.
    Other one (better for me), is block all these ports in the Synology firewall. Port 137 is not mandatory. You only need block the 138 and 139 TCP ports.
    This was tested in DSM 3.1


  2. I’m troubleshooting the same issue. DLNA/UPnP is disabled. In fact, the only thing that’s ENabled is Windows File Service. I’m trying to troubleshoot why my DS207+ with DSM 3.1 1636 wakes from hibernation when either of my kids boot their Dell laptops running Windows 7. That’s the only time it wakes, unless it is accessed directly. My Windows 7 desktop (not Dell) doesn’t even wake it up when it boots. I’ve tried the suggestion about disabling Netbios on their laptops as well as using the built in firewall on the NAS to block ports 137, 138 and 139 but nothing has worked so far. Any other suggestions please?


  3. I’m using the Media Server on my DS712+. In my firewall I found port 1900, 50001 and 50002 opened by default, when selecting the preconfigured rule for DLNA/UPnP Media Server. For me it works fine, to use a custom rule instead: open only port 50001 and 50002. By keeping Port 1900 closed my DS falls asleep after the preconfigured time.


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