Fix: Windows Live Mail slow or unresponsive when accessing hotmail

For some time i have been having problems with the Windows Live Mail client. I use it to send and receive e-mail on my hotmail account. When opening or even selecting a e-mail, WLM becomes slow or unresponsive. Given time it will sometimes retrieve the e-mail, other times it crashes completely and i have to close it and restart.

It would seem the cause is my 3rd party security suite, Kaspersky. Kaspersky was set to scan my e-mail, turning this off did result in much better performance from WLM. I’m not happy that WLM is incompatible with Kaspersky, or vice-versa. They should work in harmony, in a perfect world.

So until this issue is resolved, your choice is either replace WLM with another mail client, i recommend Thunderbird, or replace/disable your security solution. With Kaspersky you can disable Mail Anti-Virus, and retain protection in other areas. I haven’t tested any other Security Suites yet, when i do i will report my findings here.


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