News: [C-200] Firmware 02-02-100118-19-POP-408 Released

[C-200] Firmware 02-02-100118-19-POP-408 (02-01-100119-19-POP-408 Apps) (29.01.2010).

I have been waiting patiently for improvements to be implemented for the Popcorn Hour c200 firmware. Syabas continue to release new firmware every month yet they have still not resolved the blu-ray disc support. If anything the latest firmware release is a step backwards in terms of Blu-ray support, the c200 is still plagued with playback issues, usually requiring a hard reset.

Well my patients have run out. I have now removed my Blu-ray drive from my c200 and installed it in my desktop pc, and coincidently i can now watch Blu-ray films without the screen locking up or the sound crackling and distorting.

Syabas seem adamant that the problem does not lie with them, and that it is in fact the peripherals that are at fault. Well i think this test proves conclusively that this is a load of bull. Syabas should come clean and acknowledge the firmware has a long way to go before these issues can be ironed out. I also think they need to get their priorities in order, and spend less time working on new UI’s and more time on the basic functionality they are pushing as the key selling features of their products.

To conclude, i have now had to resort to ripping my BD discs to the HDD and streaming them over the network from my NAS box to my PCH. This is the only reliable way to watch my BD collection using my C200.


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