Fix: Applications creating subdirectories within My Documents

I like to keep my documents folder organised so i can find what i’m looking for quickly. I notice more and more applications use the ‘My Documents’ folder as a dumping ground for application specific folders. You may have noticed some of the following folders in your my documents:

My Data Sources
My Games
OneNote Notebooks

You get the idea, folders created when installing applications, without any prior warning or acceptance from the user. Personally i would prefer these folders to be created in the AppData folder, or some other system folder where i don’t have to look at it.

A quick dirty fix i found is to create a new folder for your ‘valued’ personal documents, perhaps in the ‘C:Users<UserName>’ directory, and then create a new Library including this folder, and perhaps other folders as necessary. The library can be easily accessed from any save dialogue, and windows explorer.

If you wanted to take it one step further you could even modify the default windows document library (LibrariesDocuments) so that the default save location points to the new folder, and then remove the existing ‘C:UsersPeterDocuments’ location. Once done applications will still default to the default save location when saving documents but will create application specific folders in the legacy ‘C:Users<UserName>Documents’.

Library preferences

You might say that indexing and instant search negates the need for this, however i would argue that there are still occasions when opening the documents folder for browsing is useful – when opening multiple documents of different file types saved in the same project folder for example. On these occasions i would prefer not to see these system created folders.

To create a new Library open on the start menu and click on ‘Computer’. Select Libraries from the left hand side quick navigation. Right click in any open space and select New>Library. Click the button entitled ‘Include a folder’. Now you just need to browse for the folders you want to include in your library.


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