News: Synology DiskStation Manager 4.0 Released

The new Synology Disk Station Manager (DSM) version 4.0 was released at the beginning of the month (7th March 2012) with a whole bunch of enhancements and new functionality ensuring that Synology remain firmly seated at the top of the NAS market.

Here are some of the highlights of the latest release:

1. Cloud Station. Cloud Station (BETA) is a file sharing service that allows you to easily sync files between your DiskStation and computers. This is exactly what has been lacking from the already rich feature set offered by Synology. At the time of release only the windows and mobile clients are available. That said it would be unthinkable for Synology not to release both Mac and Linux versions, hopefully sooner rather than later.

2. DHCP Server. Let your DS manage your network IP reservations.

3. VLAN configuration. Your DS can now run on a segmented VLAN.

4. Refined web interface. HTML5 and CSS 2D Transforms, Pilot View and Instant Preview helps users easily switch between applications. Desktop widgets display a variety of system resources to simplify server management.

5. Enriched mobile support. Amazon Kindle Fire, and enhanced Android tablet support.

It really is a fantastic release, read more on the Synology website.


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