News: Microsoft confirms key aspects of windows 8 will change with release 8.1

Microsoft will make changes to “key aspects” of the Windows 8 operating system in an updated version (8.1) of the OS later this year. In an interview in the Financial Times (FT) today Tami Reller, head of marketing and finance for the Windows business, admitted that Windows 8 presented challenges to new users and that “The learning curve is definitely real”.

One of the main reasons i decided not to make the leap to Windows 8 was the net user interface, for me it offered no real value and i felt it was simply a face lift on what was already a perfectly stable and streamlined system (Windows 7). In fact the new interface hindered my productivity hence why i stuck to and will continue to use Windows 7.

Despite the criticism of Windows 8, it has still sold over 100 million copies worldwide.

Although it hasn’t yet been announced what changes will be introduced by the aforementioned 8.1 patch, it would be fairly safe to assume the windows start menu button will make an appearance, as will the choice to boot straight to desktop by-passing the new interface altogether.



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