News: Connected devices to outnumber humans six to one by 2020

Various internet sources are stating that research and trends predict that by the year 2020 internet connected devices will outnumber humans by at least six to one, some sources have even gone further to say that humans will be outnumbered ten to one. This surge is being attributed to a number of factors including the rising prominence of high speed mobile broadband and connected mobile devices, the uptake of smart phones and tablets in developing countries, the demand for mobile on-line presence, real-time status, location based services and cloud computing.

And it stands to reason, we are now in the age where you no longer have to be a technology enthusiast to own more than 3 connected devices. Think about it, how many connected devices do you own?

Here are some widespread examples:

1. Your home / personal PC

2. Your work / office PC

3. Your mobile phone

4. Your tablet/laptop

4. Your TV

5. Your DVD Player

7. Your Home Theatre PC / Media Streamer

8. Your Games Console

9. Your iPod / Portable Media Player

10. Your NAS/Home Server


What about these less common examples:

11. Your Fridge

12. Your Door Bell

13. Your Garage Door

14. Your Curtains/Blinds

15. Your Living Room Lights

16. Your Surveillance Camera

17. Your Dog/Cat Automated Feeder

18. Your Home Thermostat or Temperature Control

19. Your Cow (Network Attached Cow)

20. Your Optical Head Mounted Display / Wearable Computer


What other connected devices can you think of? Leave you comments below.


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