Build: Ultimate Year 2000 gaming build

Motherboard: Asus CUSL2
CPU: Intel Pentium3 1000mhz 133mhz bus 256kb cache
Memory: 512mb Kingston 3 euro
CPU cooler: Fanner Tech HawkStream II 2 euro
Case: Coolermaster ATC201 20 euro
PSU: 300watt Aopen
Videocard: 3DFX Voodoo5 5500 64mb agp 40 euro
Soundcard: Sound Blaster Live Platinum 5.1 with Live! Drive IR
Soundcard: Terratec EWS88MT
Networkcard: Intel Pro100/s
Disk Controller: Promise Ultra100
Floppydrive: Samsung 1.44mb
Storage: 40gb Maxtor 7200rpm
Storage: 2x60gb seagate 7200rpm
Storage: Iomega zipdrive 100mb
DVD: Pioneer Slotin
CDwriter: Plextor16/10/40


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