Build: Budget HTPC


This is my current HTPC setup which i originally built 2 years ago and has served me well since. It’s a low powered net-top, which means it can be left on 24/7 if needed which is useful for a personal video recorder (PVR) and easily hidden away behind your TV screen or underneath in the AV cabinet. It’s on board video chip is more than capable of 1080p full HD playback with DTS sound.

HTPC Hardware:

Acer Revo RL70



  • AMD E-450 CPU @ 1.65Ghz
  • 4Gb DDR3 SDRAM, 500GB SATA HDD, DVD-Writer
  • Gigabit Ethernet, Built-in Wireless N, TV-Tuner and MCE Remote Control

The Good: Quiet, small chassis, low power consumption, affordable.

The Bad: Upgrades limited

TV Tuner (Optional):

  • PCTV nanoStick DVB-T2 (Model 290e) HD tuner




I’m running OpenElec (Generic x86_64 Version:4.2.1) with HTS TV-Headend 3.4.27.

This is the perfect little HTPC setup running OpenElec, it plays all my media from my NAS, is virtually silent and also acts a fully fledged Freeview HD PVR.


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