News: Windows 10 Anniversary Update

One month to go before Windows 10 celebrates it’s first birthday on July 29th. Microsoft plans to gift it’s 350 million devices running Windows 10 with a anniversary patch, which will include enhancements to Cortana, some new extensions for the Edge browser, and improvements to Microsoft Ink and pen support. The patch will reportedly release on August 2nd (nothing says i care more than a late birthday card!).

More news worthy, July 29th is the end to the ‘free upgrade’ from older versions of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft always stated that Windows 10 would only be free to those that updated their qualifying version of Windows within the first year. After July 29th it will cost you £100 to upgrade to Windows 10 Home or £190 for Windows 10 Pro, so if you’re still undecided or on the fence now is the time to either jump or be pushed. Just to be clear by ‘be pushed’ i mean stick with Windows 7/8 until Microsoft stop supporting it and let it get consumed by vulnerabilities and malware.

“Within two to three years of Windows 10’s release, there will be 1 billion devices running Windows 10,” Terry Myerson, Microsoft VP, Operating Systems.

While 350 million devices have adopted Windows 10 in the first year there is still a considerable number remaining to achieve Microsoft’s target particularly now Windows 10 can no longer be obtained for free (legally speaking of course).  I personally think ‘1 billion devices’ was a little over optimistic.

Microsoft’s recent behaviour has resulted in a lawsuit due to the misleading upgrade notifications that have harassed Windows 7 & 8 users, whereby clicking the ‘x’ icon in the top right corner (universally accepted as the close button for the last decade on Windows OS’s) actually triggered an automatic upgrade to Windows 10. Those software engineering practices are akin to the eye-gouge or groin kick in contact sports. Bad form Microsoft.


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