How to: Be more productive at work with these keyboard shortcuts

In no particular order here is a list of useful windows shortcuts to speed up everyday tasks.



Windows Shortcuts:

Ctrl+shift+escape = Opens windows task manager
Ctrl+L = Locks your workstation
Win+M = Minimises all open windows
Win+D = Displays the desktop, restores the active window
Win+P = Projects your screen to another display
Win+R = Opens the run dialogue
Win+X = Opens the quick link menu
Win+pause = Opens the computer information page
Win+tab = Shows thumbnails for all open windows
Win+left/right/up/down = Snaps the active window to the top/bottom/left/right of the screen
Win+ctrl+d = Create a new virtual desktop
Win+left/right = Cycle through virtual desktops
Alt+tab = Cycles through all open windows

Web browser Shortcuts:

Ctrl+L = Highlights the URL in the address bar
Ctrl+W = Closes the active tab
Ctrl+shift+T = Re-opens the last closed tab
Ctrl+enter = Adds the ‘www.’ and ‘.com’ to the address bar text
Ctrl+shift+N = Open a new incognito window
F5 = Refresh the page/tab

A more complete list with over 200 shortcuts can be found here.


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