How to: Connect a Bluetooth headset to Yamaha MusicCast system

How can I stream music from a MusicCast device to my Bluetooth headphones or speakers?

Having recently purchased a pair of Sennheiser Momentum 2.0’s to keep the neighbours happy i thought it worthwhile documenting my experience trying to pair them with my Yamaha RN402D stereo amp. This should of been easy, but i tell you it wasn’t, and the user manual for the Yamaha basically sends you on a wild goose chase. Pairing the M2’s with my android phone was simple enough, enter pairing mode on the M2’s by holding down the power button for a couple of seconds until you hear ‘Pairing Mode Activated’ through the cans, then enable bluetooth on your phone and search for the Momentum Headphones, then connect. Easy.

The problem with the  Yamaha is there is no obvious way of doing this. The manual tells you to enter pairing mode by holding the connect button on the remote of the amp. This doesn’t work for Bluetooth pairing, it’s designed for Yamaha MusicCast devices only. If you want to connect third party bluetooth cans you need to use the MusicCast app on your phone. While the manual does tell you this, it doesn’t then tell you how to pair a new device. I incorrectly assumed i could use the ‘Add device’ wizard, again this is only designed for other MusicCast devices.

Instead, the correct procedure, is to click the ‘Sound Setting icon’ on the ‘Now Playing’ screen, then select ‘Bluetooth Transmission’. Once on this screen, enter pairing mode on your bluetooth headset and then search for new devices. Your headphones should then appear for selection and pairing. Now why would you hide it there, Yamaha.



2 thoughts on “How to: Connect a Bluetooth headset to Yamaha MusicCast system

  1. Used this blog to connect to my Bose sound bar, many thanks was about to take streaming unit back. Instructions no good without this blog would never have known many thanks once again.


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