Review: UPnP/DLNA Music Server Comparison

This review has been written by a tech enthusiast, not an audiophile, with my own personal requirements in mind, but since i went to great lengths testing every possible UPnP/DLNA Music Server i could find, i thought you might also benefit from my conclusions.

Some of the music servers tested also serve video and photos; and fall into the media server category, which is great but I’m only testing their merits on serving audio.

First some terminology to get your head around. UPnP/DLNA has three components, the server, the renderer and the controller. This guide will only address the server component. For testing, the renderers i will be using are a Yamaha MusicCast stereo, a Sony TV and a Windows PC. I’m using Hi-Fi Cast as the controller (which i highly recommend), running on a wireless android tablet.

So without further a do, here are my requirements. There is no weighting to these requirements, they each get one point for every requirement satisfied:

  1. I want to run the music server on my NAS, a Synology DS3615xs
  2. I want to listen to my music in its native format and original quality, from the renderers mentioned above
  3. I want to be able to browse and search my library using the controller
  4. I want to see album/artist/genre art for my library within the controller
  5. I want the server software to be low cost, ideally free

Here are the UPnP/DLNA music servers being tested:

  • Asset UPnP
  • Emby
  • Jellyfin
  • Jriver
  • Logitech Media Server (LMS)
  • MiniDLNA/ReadyNAS
  • MinimServer (v0.8 and 2.0 all variants)
  • Plex
  • Serviio
  • Subsonic
  • Twonky

Synology DS3615xs Compatibility

All of the music servers tested can run on a Synology NAS, some of them are installed from the default app store, others need additional repositories adding, and some can only run in docker. I’m not going to score them any different, they all run on the Synology NAS, so they all score 1 point.

Playback Compatibility

The criteria here was to listen to my music in its native format and original quality, from the capable renderers around my home. I tried a variety of tracks and file formats, but the real differentiator was successfully playing Deep Purple’s Time for Bedlam track from the Infinite album. This particular track was chosen for its high definition format DSF/DSD, encoded at 24bit 96khz. To score a point here the track must be played in it’s native format, with no transcoding/encoding.

AssetUPnP, Emby, LMS, MiniDLNA/ReadyNAS, MinimServer (all variants) and Twonky passed the test, each scoring one point. The other servers tested didn’t recognise the track or couldn’t play it.

I was surprised that Plex couldn’t play DSF/DSD. In fact it didn’t even index the album or recognise the tracks.

Browse and Search

The criteria here was being able to browse and search the music library using the controller, one point being awarded if it had DLNA search capability as well basic browsing categories like Album Name, Artist Name.

It should be noted that browsing categories vary greatly, with some offering a great deal more granularity than others.

To keep things simple and award points fairly just the basic browsing categories were required to gain a point here (Album, Artist, Genre). Special mention however should go to Asset UPnP, which offers the most granular browsing capability by some margin (bitrate, composer, year, label, album artist etc….). MinimServer, Plex and Twonky also deserve a mention for this.

Asset UPnP Browse

If you have a large audio library, and you want to find a specific song or artist quickly you need to be able to search for it, browsing alone just doesn’t cut it when you have thousands of tracks in your library. So in order to score a point in this category, you must also be able to enter a search term, and return some kind of result.

Worth noting that some servers searched the track, album and artist for a match, whereas others were limited to just track. I scored them equally for returning a result.

AssetUPnP, MiniDLNA/ReadyNAS, MinimServer (all variants) and Twonky all returned results for track, album and artist, Emby and LMS returned a result from song title only. All score 1 point.

Album, Artist, Genre Art

The criteria here was to be able to see album/artist/genre art for the music library within the controller.

Asset UPnP, Emby, JRiver, Plex, Twonky all impressed and displayed something for these different views. Plex and Emby stand out by displaying separate artist art, instead of just the album cover. Each receive one point in this category.

Hi-Fi Cast - Android Apps on Google Play
Hi-fi Cast showing album art on MinimServer


The criteria here was to not cost anything. If it’s free it scores a point. I put the costs in the scores table below.


Asset UPnP4$37.00
Logitech Media Server (LMS)3Free
*Basic functionality free but a subscription or OTP is required to unlock or continue using some features

And the crown goes to…

I personally chose Twonky as the audio server in my setup.

Twonky Server

However there was no clear winner, because there wasn’t a single server that was able to satisfy all my requirements fully. That said, the following servers should certainly make your shortlist, as they each came very close to getting 5 stars.

Asset UPnP – A serious contender for the crown, almost twice the price of Twonky though.

Emby – Full DLNA search functionality would of crowned Emby a clear winner scoring 5 stars.

MinimServer – I used this for years prior to switching to Twonky, lacks artist/genre art and sadly is no longer free.

Twonky – I had to put my hand in my pocket, but it ticks the other boxes, and it was cheaper than the other paid options.


17 thoughts on “Review: UPnP/DLNA Music Server Comparison

  1. JRiver plays and displays everything in high precision, assuming all parameters of application are correctly designed. And you may customize everything you want… A great product for audiophile access


  2. Hi,
    very interesting comparison.
    I currently use Minimserver v. 0.8 on Synology DS218j, and found it excellent (with my preferred Hi-Fi Cast controller).
    Now Minimserver has changed to an expensive (in my view) fee and I’m looking for something else. I was not able to test some of the server you reviewed, because they seem not compatible with Synology NAS (Emby, Logitech, MiniDLNA, Twonky). Maybe I made some mistake.
    In particular I would try yor winner Twonky, but in dowload site there are only version for MAC, Windows and Linux. Nothing for NAS.
    Have you any suggestion?


  3. Hi, I was looking at similar products about 6 years ago. At the time I originally chose Twonky as my server software, but soon realised that if I chose an album and clicked “play”, the player (any player) played the tracks in alphabetical order. I have been using Asset UPnP since then as it plays the tracks by track number. Does anyone know if this has been fixed in Twonky?


  4. Ah well that has been fixed since the version I bought in 2014 then. My files are all correctly tagged, and albums were definitely only played by alphabetical track name order back then. I read many complaints on forums from people finding the same thing. Asset UPnP was (then) the solution for me.

    I’m about to rebuild my media server so I might try Twonky again., I still have my licence.

    Thanks for the reply 🙂


  5. Thanks for this comprehensive review !
    When testing, did you find a music library that was exposing the tracks ratings ?
    I’ve spent days rating tens of thousands of songs in Winamp (yes…) and now switching to a NAS, I can’t seem to find a solution to expose these ratings in UPNP…


  6. Hey Pete, could you explain what settings / commands you used to get Twonky running in Docker on your NAS? I am so close to getting dtjs48jkt/twonkyserver working but I seem to be running into a permissions issue. The config file isn’t saving and it isn’t detecting my music folder even though I have the correct path defined. Thanks in advance!


  7. Twonky does not support aiff – which is as loseless as wav but support tags. I would drop it for that reaon only (I got +1200 CDs ripped as aiff).


  8. What about Synology’s own Media Server? I have an ancient DS211 and the Media Server doesn’t seem too bad. It has decent indexing, menuing and has transcoding.

    Gerbera is also worth a look. Free and highly configurable.


  9. This post is very useful. I’m trying to find an alternative to the default “Server Media”. I very like it but it doesn’t offer the search. Until now I tested MinimServer, it looks good but it doesn’t seem to autoupdate the folders as “Server Media” and it need a manual rescan. Hopefully some other options will offer search and autoupdate!


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