Build: HTPC/Steambox

Introduction: This is my living room HTPC / Steambox setup designed for home theater, HDTV/PVR and light gaming. My requirements for this build boiled down to the following: Living Room Use Quiet Compact/Discrete Low Power This build differs from my other HTPC as it's going to be used for light gaming, it wont however need to play … Continue reading Build: HTPC/Steambox


How to: Install XBMC on the Acer Revo RL70

Introduction This multi-part post is a tutorial and build log documenting each step involved in installing and configuring your preferred version of XBMC onto a Acer Revo RL70 nettop PC.  I will cover two of the most popular  builds of XBMC, XBMCbuntu and OpenElec. The full article is split into the following posts/topics: Part 1: Installing XBMCbuntu … Continue reading How to: Install XBMC on the Acer Revo RL70

News: [C-200] Firmware 02-02-100118-19-POP-408 Released

[C-200] Firmware 02-02-100118-19-POP-408 (02-01-100119-19-POP-408 Apps) (29.01.2010). I have been waiting patiently for improvements to be implemented for the Popcorn Hour c200 firmware. Syabas continue to release new firmware every month yet they have still not resolved the blu-ray disc support. If anything the latest firmware release is a step backwards in terms of Blu-ray support, … Continue reading News: [C-200] Firmware 02-02-100118-19-POP-408 Released

How to: Popcorn Hour C-200 – Essential Quick Start

I was going to write a feature length review on this, but in light of the problems i had actually getting it to work 'as expected' out of the box, and the lack of any adequate documentation with the PCH C-200 i decided to write this essential quick start guide. Step 1. Un-box. Step 2. … Continue reading How to: Popcorn Hour C-200 – Essential Quick Start