Review: HDHomeRun DVR

HDHomeRun DVR I have been following the development of the HDHomeRun DVR by SiliconDust, and i thought it was a good time to review the progress made. To date the kick starter campaign has received close to 4000 backers who have pledged $370k to see this project come to life. The concept is simple, a DVR … Continue reading Review: HDHomeRun DVR

Review: HDHomeRun DVB-T/T2 Connect

Silcon Dust HDHomeRun DVB-T/T2 Connect Network TV Dual Tuner   I recently purchased a HDHomeRun CONNECT, the network TV tuner that can take over the air broadcast terrestrial television and convert it into IP streams that can then be played back on any local network device. This means you no longer need to worry about having … Continue reading Review: HDHomeRun DVB-T/T2 Connect